AirDog PureFlow 150 Fuel Preporator A4SPBF171 The AirDog Fuel Preporator, with the capability to provide fuel at flows and pressures beyond the maximum requirements of the engine, receives fuel under vacuum from the fuel tank containing entrained airvapor, particulate contaminates and unknown quantities of moisture. The fuel passes through the water separator which removes the water and large particulate contaminates that could damage or jam the gearator fuel pump. The fuel, with only entrained airvapor and tiny particulate contaminates remaining, enters the fuel pump. The fuel, now under positive pressure flow, enters the filter. As the fuel passes through the filter media and the remaining particulate contaminates are caught and contained, the entrained airvapor is also separated. Through the positive fuel air separation features of the patented Fuel Preporator the separated airvapor is discharged from the filter through the Primary AirVapor Discharge Port and into the return to tank passage after the regulator. The fuel passing through the filter media free of contaminates power robbing airvapor and at pressures and flows to meet the needs of the engine exits the fuel filter through two passageways. The fuel for the engine, passes into the fuel pickup tube and out to the engine. The excess fuel not needed by the engine is released through the pressure regulator to combine with the airvapor and foam as it returns to the fuel tank. The regulator controls the fuel pressure to the engine. For up to 800hpSingle Piece Pump Body Replaces the old 3 piece pump design reducing the number of parts, unit size, and weight. This results in a sleek, low profile pump assembly and eliminates the need for leaky, messy gaskets!Mounts to frame No Drilling required!All Inclusive Installation Kit includesRelay Control Wiring HarnessAll Fuel Mounting HardwarePlastic TiesInstallation ManualCalifornia Residents WARNING $624.99

AirDog AirDog FP 1 0 1 1 Dodge Cummins. PureFlow AirDog manufactures and supplies AirDog Fuel Air. 0 PSI 0 0 Ford Powerstroke. Three years later the first commercial Fuel Preporator unit was sold.

Visit our website at. Shop now at and contact PureFlow Technologies Inc. The AirDog fuel preporator is the perfect system for any diesel engine. Item A SPBF1 1. AirDog FPII 1 0 G Detroit Series 0 00 00. PureFlow AirDog. PFT R SPBF.

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Pureflow Airdog Raptor RP 1 0 HP High Pressure Fuel Pump w Built in Adj. Items 1 of. Not rated yet Extang Revolution Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover 54801. Part A SPBF1 1 The AirDog makes your fuel stream more efficient giving you back. PureFlow Technologies Inc manufactured and marketed all AirDog and Fuel Preporator fuel air separation systems until 00!

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Raptor fuel pumps as well as the use of the Registered Trademarks AirDog Fuel Preporator Raptor and PureFlow are also included in. When you are in need of an AirDog fuel preporator suitable for heavy duty and industrial use the AirDog.

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